Make sure your home is functional

Budgets are under pressure, and home sizes are shrinking. This makes functionality a prime concern to most home buyers.

Understanding the difference between a homebuyer and property investor

In the real estate world, there is a substantial difference between an investor and a homebuyer. The criteria by which the property will be judged will differ vastly depending on how the buyer intends to use the property.

Certificates of compliance

If you are selling your home, you should get the electrical, plumbing, gas, electric fence and borer beetle compliance certificates ready before entering into any sales agreement.

The best ways to reduce your home loan interest rate

As with rising inflation rates, households at different income levels will face challenges with rising interest rates in a weakened economy. “A saving of 1% over the lifetime of a bond will save a client about 30% of the value of their bond in compound interest.”

Keep warm and safe this winter

Home heating is one of the leading causes of house fires and can easily occur if you’re not careful how you heat your home. So, what can you do to stay warm and safe this winter?


Are you ready to buy or will you wait?

How to save to the max when buying a home

The experience of buying a new home can be quite daunting, but if prospective buyers approach it smartly, it could be both exciting and financially rewarding. Knowing exactly what to do, what to look out for and which pitfalls to avoid could see a healthy amount of cash back in your pocket.